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Workers' Compensation Insurance

What is workers' compensation insurance

An Insurance Policy that meets the state requirements that employers must pay, or provide insurance to pay, the lost wages, and medical expenses of a worker who is injured on the job. A Workers’ Compensation insurance policy covers a worker if he was injured during working hours. It is used to pay his/her medical bills, a part of his/her lost salary, occupational rehabilitation, and death. As a business owner, it protects your business from being sued.  A worker whose injury is covered by the workers’ compensation insurance policy loses the right to sue the employer for that injury, however, an injured worker may still sue third parties whose negligence contributed to the injury.


Your compensation insurance is based on the workers’ compensation board in your state. The rate varies from the risks classification of your job and it is determined by considering two aspects – the regularity of the injury during hours of work and the severity of the injury.


Low-cost workers’ compensation insurance is provided with those who only work in offices and other safe establishments. However, those employees who work in hazardous areas like firefighters are given higher workers’ compensation insurance costs.

In Florida, Georgia, and Colorado, workers’ compensation insurance policies can either decrease or increase. The addition or subtraction will be determined by many aspects such as prior claim history and safety programs in force for the business.


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